Christmas Tree Prices

All trees are regularly $50.00
plus $10 per foot over 8 feet

We have hard-to-find 18' and up trees.

We can ship trees up to 9' anywhere in the U.S.

We can make special delivery options for as large as 25' for New England destinations.

All trees sold on a first come - first serve basis

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Christmas Trees

More than a quarter century ago, we cleared and started planting our Christmas trees. It's is an ongoing process. Every spring, we replaced what was cut the previous winter and planted additional trees to keep up with the demand. The trees have to be maintained and cared for each year. Little saplings are planted in a prepared environment. After 3-4 years, we start to trim and shape each tree to correct improper growth and to enhance their beauty and appearance. Each tree is different and some require more care than others do. It takes 6 to 7 years for a tree to grow to be 6’ to 7’ tall and be ready for cutting.

Forter's Christmas Tree Farm Forter's Christmas Tree Farm

We plant 1400 to1500 trees if possible depending on weather and planting conditions every year-- some in the spring and some in the fall -- to assure there will be plenty of trees for the future.

With 8 to10 acres of Christmas trees at various stages of growth to choose, you are bound to find the perfect size tree for your home. Bring the family and share the joy of cutting your tree. Our helpers will assist in every way possible to make your visit as pleasurable as possible.

Not sure which tree to choose? Balsam fir is our favorite because of its needle retention, color and fragrance. Blue spruce is a beautiful tree, too. Blue spruce has very stiff blue-green needles, but very little fragrance. The advantage of this tree is if you have children or pets, they seem to keep their distance because of the sharp, stiff needles. Blue spruce will also hold more ornaments because of its strength. We ship only balsam and fraser fir.